What Is Potholing and Why Would You Need It as Part of Your Construction or Restoration Project?

If you ever used a backhoe to remove dirt around a utility line or pipeline, you probably already know how damaging and dangerous that process can get and to seek help from companies that offer hydrovac services in Colorado. Aside from running the risk of damaging the pipeline itself, you’ll also have to deal with that aspect of the project for many long hours, employ a larger number of workers, and pay a lot more money.

Always Put Safety First In Your Construction Project

Fortunately, potholing can be made a lot more easily through the use of safe, high powered vacuum excavation. This works by first using high pressure air or water to turn the hardened soil around the pipes into spoil. Then, with the use of a powerful vacuum hose, the experts you hire will remove the spoil, allowing for the safe and easy evaluation and removal of underground utility lines.


The result of this potholing method is a much more convenient method of dealing with the most cumbersome of your construction-related projects. Anything that happens underground will be easier to manage, especially with services like Hydrovac.


Soon enough, you’ll find that when the experts finish, you will be free to continue with your project, excavating the area as you see fit, and no longer worrying that you might damage the water or power lines that are run underneath your commercial property.